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Need a coder help



Hi folks, 


I finished sprite modifications for Prosciutto, however I would like to add a persistant "smoke" effect for Grateful Dead when activated for the "stand" and "walk" animations, like you can see in this video from the ps2 game : 



In the char sff I found interesting smoke sprites, the number is 876. I'm a complete noob in char coding and I dont understand any word of japanese too. 


Furthermore I would like to strenghten the "olding" effet but as cns files are written in japanese this is very difficult to find the proper code. The goal is to reduce opponent velocity and attack when affected by olding effect. 


Can anybody help me ? It would be nice If I could finish it this week.

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Well thx to my brain I succeed in finding the good state and here my code : 



[state 0, Explod]

type = Explod

trigger1 = animelem = 4

anim = 30000

pos = 6.5,1.5

ownpal = 1

postype = p1 ;p2,front,back,left,right

sprpriority = 0

removeongethit = 1


I have a little pb with that, animation is good however its loop too quickly for the standing animation and so the sound for the animation. Anyone know how can I ad a little waiting time for the trigger pls ?

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