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Uran 80s updated

Toshio Tenma

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Update Log 02/03/14:

a) Updated Mighty Spin Kick.

b) All supers can be done in air.

c) Added a new small portrait.

d) Added a new palette.

e) Added a new intro against Doremi, Blender and XJ9.

f) Added a move list (can be downloaded separately).

g) Updated Pikora and Hyoutantsugi.


Note: That character is based in the original Tetsuwan Atom series and not Astro Boy.
The original title translates to "Iron Arm Atom" and the translations made  by Google Translator and others is false.

There are no interest of adding english voices for Uran and she is a treat for the fans of the original Tetsuwan Atom and not Astro Boy.









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Awesome I'm going to try her out now and give feedback later. :awesome

(I wonder if my bro is aware of your updates on Uran =P)


I announced the update on facebook, so I bet he may know about it.

Make sure of sharing your feedback^^

I've been meaning to ask:

Does she have an AI?

No, I don't understand how to code.


And besides, Uran have lots of moves which I idealized.

Making her based in the original series was a very good try since I could decide everything instead of following a source game.


Uran is never playable in games, the Astro Boy Dash (it just use the english title, but the protagonist is called as Atom) have her as a playable character, but since the game is just about running, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins, it doesn't quite count.

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Cool update!  I will download your latest version and will let you know my feedback later soon!


By the way, if you don't mind my half-assed MUGEN A.I., then I can make a MUGEN A.I. for your Uran80.


It is really nice for you to add a Uran80MoveList!  JFBQ00196070418A.gif

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