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WereGarurumon re-done 1/31/14


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Once again, I did a big overhaul in coding by Matsutzu's WereGarurumon so I used the sprites and and Mouser's MvC2 to remake him. Although I made the .def file and the creator is under my name, I want no credit for this except for the MvC2 conversion. The credits go to the Great Matsutzu for making WereGarurumon to MUGEN in the first place and Mouser for his outstanding MvC2 coding.








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Character updated and changed how his Garuru Fury Hyper goes. 


Warning: In Simul, if WereGarurumon is hitting a target with Garuru Fury, the target's partner can stop him by hitting him thus disarming the attack. This is good if you're fighting the CPU one but this also allows WereGarurumon to hit both targets since the other can get caught in his punching/kicking range. Haven't tried it yet but I think it could happen. I'm gonna test and see if it's true.



Edited: Yes, he can hit more than one target if the other is in his hit range but if they're behind and too close to WereGarurumon, they'll be hit and the hitstun leaves them unable to move for around 100 ticks if not struck again afterwards. Once 100 ticks has passed they'll fall. If the second target gets in range in front of WereGarurumon, they'll take the same beatdown as the main one.

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Character updated. He has a Lv 3 Hyper now and fixed his damage values and Attack stat (Don't think I'm talking Pokemon here cuz I'm not). This hyper is similar to Garuru Fury due to same startup and charge animation but in the success animation sequence, this hyper deals far more damage. For a character with 1000 Life and 100 Defense... they'll lose around or close to 50% of their max life. 

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