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Simple by Masukenpu-kun 1/26/2014.


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Here are some more custom screenshots, for all those who want to know more about what they'll get if they download this character :



[Palette 1 & 2]




[Palette 3 & 4]




[super move] (only super move, which looks a lot like KFM's Kung Fu Upper Super)




[Normal attack] (one of his few normal attack moves)




[special Move 1]




[special Move 2]




[special Move 3]




[Personal Comment]


A really simple character, as the name implies. In other words, you get exactly what's on the tin by downloading this. Aside from the fact it's attacks are quite slow to perform (so don't expect to pull off anything bigger than a 5 hit combo with this character) , it comes with 4 palettes, 3 special moves and 1 super move. The AI itself for this character is tougher than you'd imagine as it can stand it's ground well against non-stickman characters. 

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