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Enel: The "god" of Skypiea by Wenchu & co.


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Wenchu.... I know the balance is bad and the ai is bugged. Gonna try it to see, I have tried his stuff before only to be dissapointed.

*Edit* Just tried him out,


The good

+ Ai is fair and not broken like before.

+ Has beautiful effects and supers.

+ He combos very well (I may do a video on this...)


The bad

- Still has ugly mini protrait like before. Seclection portrait is giantantic.

- Some of his supers are underpowered or overpowered.

- Supers give him back power.

- Collisions are still a mess.

- Recovery animations have no collisions.

- Debug info shows up it you use a few of his supers.


Overall, he is a keeper bugs or not this eneru is awesome. I wish he could fix franky...


Anthoer little thing to notice,

He says its 1.0 only, but he works in winmugen.

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