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PokeAwesome Pikachu by xed and Raphael by R@CE 45 Voice Edits


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So yeah, more voice edits. I don't know how to make sprites or code moves and stuff, but hey, I can change the sounds! For Pikachu (by xed), I replaced his voice with the Pikachu used in Egoraptor's PokeAwesome video. For Raphael (by R@CE 45), is replaced his voice with the Raphael from the Nigga Turtles Spoof by itsReal85. I also added winquotes for both of them. If I messed up somewhere, or could improve upon something, y'all let me know okay?


And here is a video. I had to do multiple takes because Raphael would always lose both rounds, and I just needed them both to win at least one.









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YESSSS, it's hard to play from having to pause due to laughing!

When it comes to Raphael, I would change a few things, like two of the hyper quotes and the taunt, but that's it. This is hilarious. I can help you with the snd files if you want.

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