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How to resize lifebars?

Azul Crescent


Ok...i have spent 3 hours looking for tutorials, or videos on how to do this...but i've only found threads of people posting this question...and my issue here hasn't been resolved.


Currently i am using the Enigma SP, as i prefer to use 850 x 480, as it is the True HD resolution for Mugen. 


the Lifebars i am using is Cyberia Style 7, but i am starting to get tired of em, i have been using em for MONTHS.


Now, there are some Lifebars that i want to use that are 1280 x 720, but of course, if u use em in a 850 x 480 SP, their gonna be huge.


How exactly would i go about rescaling the lifebars to fit my screen?


I have tried changing all the scale value's in the Fight.def to a lower value, but as i suspected, u would need to also change the Pos of the Lifebars so they move to the edge and fit on ur screen, however i have no idea wut coords to put in or if the scales i've inputted are correct.


And, as an additional question, is changing the lifebar values the same for every 1280 x 720 LB, if i wanted to make them 850 x 480? Would i change the values to the same values on every 1280 x 720 lifebar if i wanted to use them?


Oh, and the lifebars are V Nix's V 1.1 Lifebars.

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