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Requesting Pocket Zangief & Celsius



I've Never Been One To Really Request Anything Seeing That I've Always Been Able To Find The Things I Need. But For Some Reason I Can't Find These Guys Anywhere. I had Them Both On My Other Site But It Got Shut Down By One Of My Memebrs I Thought Was Cool

Any Way Here IS Celsius In A Vid I Made A While Back



Zangief IS Shown Here In A Preview Of My Pocket Akuma

He Has The Ability To Become Mech Zangief



I Do Not Know Creators Names. When I Found These Guys A While Ago, It Was Accidental


Any Help Would Be deeply Appreciated

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I hate hearing about site shutdowns, it's a real bummer. Anyhow


Pretty sure this is the Celsius you're looking for. it was inside the "Tale's of" Collection.


Unfortunately I am not in possession of this pocket Zangief and searching for it would be a tedious task as the maker of it; Pr-Kun decided to name the file Zangief.rar 


Reference link:https://web.archive.org/web/20090901101708/http://pr.ucoz.com/


Well at-least you now know who made it.

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Thx Kaze Appreciate It

Mr KOtic, Is This The Version For Mugen 1.0? If So I Don't USe That Version

I get Error Message When I Try To Use Her

Error message: Invalid trigger: AILevel

Error parsing trigger2, 4

Error parsing [state 120, Hi to Lo'

Error in [state 120]

Error in Celsius.cns

Character needs to be updated. See docs/incompt*.txt.

Error loading chars/Celsius/Celsius.def

Error loading p1


Library error message: Died Parsing AILevel>=3

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