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Need help from a coder / Character bugs



so right now im trying to get my oldschool smaurai/ninja themed fullgame/collection done.

ive downloaded serveral characters from duracelleur and they are great and very fun to play...


but when i first played with them ive noticed some bugs making these chars simply unusable..

if anyone could be so kind to tell me how to fix this or just edit them (i know..lack of time, laziness or no intrest)

BUT these chars are great all in all and you wouldnt do something great just for me me but for the whole mugen community so if anyone

of our veteran coders or mugen experts could edit them or tell me how to fix this myself i would really appreciate it :)


(ive copied the text from duracelleurs ''to-six-edits'' release thread on mugenguild where i  posted the bugs ive found)




i know duracelleur youre taking a break and im not tyring to be offenisve but i have a question:

do you even played with your edits?
serious question..
im not an expert on mugen but serious just on 1st playthrough and overlok your chars ive noticed the following


when you double tap backward he gets stuck in the air unless you press any any button

- yoshitora-

every time he gets hit by a strong attack he's ''freezing'' on the floor unable to get up


when you press run he keeps running uanble to press any button or command until he gets hit


hyper move down,right x+y costs no super power


mutiple times on playthrough floating up in the air in different situations

-lee rekka-

x+y is an infinite attack causes way too much damage and fills the super meter like crazy


-freezing on the ground just like yoshitora,
-after using hyper move ( down,left x+y) super meter fills completly no matter if you had 3 or 1 superbar before,
-after getting hit and standing up when you press forward he does an auto hyper move attack even when you have no super meter


hyper move (down,left a+b) costs no super power


every hyper move costs 3 powerbars and does over the half of the lifebar damage oO
supose you reduce the damage and make them all lvl 1 hypers

-kazuki kazama-

not a big deal but power up sound when you pressing a+b sounds skipping and shitty as hell


i couldnt even install this char oO
no matter what i try he simply doesnt show up in my select screen?

so all in all you chars are very fun to play and ive downloaded all of them but some of them are simply unusable..
im not a coder or something but  you didnt even noticed that your char is freezing when getting hit on the ground ?
this leads me to a simple question: you even played with them when you finished them?
not just in training mode? or even in training mode? in any mode?

wish you could fix that because the idea of converting 2-3 button chars into some sort of vs/mvc style is great and your chars are amazing
simply just because you edited chars i wanted to play in a 6 button style since i heard first time about mugen.

you really bringing me back childhood memories when you first released your samurai showdown chars in your style but its a shame
some of the best are unplayable just because of very very big bugs you should have noticed when you played with your finished character.. -_-

 pardon if in any way i dis-courage u..i tried not to. Stay Bless :hi:


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so should i start a new topic for each character :P :D


most things ive figured out myself..1-2 hours about fighter factory tutorials and the super meter move-problems are solved..

same for the infinite attack and all that..

but basically im having problems on reiji,yoshitora/wahiszuka and jubei with the freezing/infinite running etc..

especially washizuka is broken as hell also yoshitora because theyre unusable since they get hit and freezing on the floor -_-

couldnt figure out what the probnlem is <.<

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