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Demon's crest Hipogriff Sprite Sheet resized x4 and cleansed


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Since this chars in this game are small I have resized and cleansed the Sprite Sheets by

Lord Zymethhttp://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/demonscrest/sheet/13688/

from the game "Demon's crest" the Hipogriff to a 4 times bigger size with reduced pixelation.

(I only did this for one type, for the others ..... do not feel to do this :tableflip:  Its work guaah)


Here as download:


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filtered sprites suck ass.


most people wouldnt make characters filtered nowadays. regardless of how cleansed you make them.

Thanks Ryon for mention that so I can cancel stuff,

it is time saving too know that most people wouldnt make characters filtered.

A little bit sad but well a short time of motivation.

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