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Does this work in 1.1 ?


It should work in 1.1. which is basically the same as M.U.G.E.N. 1.0 safe the ability to let the stages zoom-out and in accordingly. So yes I'd think. Besides, if people specifically mention it is 1.1 compatible that means the stage has screen zoom-in and out. If it's not, you can still use the stage but then without the zoom included like a regular 1.0 stage. In any case, downloading the stage and seeing if you can use it in your M.U.G.E.N. will give you a way faster reply to your question than asking it and downloading it or not depending on the answer.


Now on topic : The funny thing is I saw this stage used in one of Shiro's videos and was wondering if I should get it or not. I said no to myself because I would not even know what the stage is called and where to find it and voila, you post this stage on the same day I saw that video. Coincidence?

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