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Varset problems/Combo counting problem

Ultra Fatality


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Well, you can use hitcount and uniqhitcount to your advantage here. Hitcount will return the number of hits you have made in your combo among all states, whereas uniqhitcount will return the number of hits in your combo that you've made in your current state. If you want to go about it using VarSet/VarAdd, it's also not that tough. Using VarAdd, you'll have it trigger when you've made a hit to your target. Something like:

[State ****, Count Combo]type = VarAddtriggerall = numtarget && movehit ; Ensure that you have a target and that you've hit the enemytrigger1 = target,gethitvar(damage) ; Ensure that your target received damage from youv = 5value = 1 ; Add 1 to var(5), in this example.
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