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i need help the color seperation sprite



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I use GIMP 2.6.1 for separating sprites.


My modus operandi:


Shift + O (= select a specific color). I set the tolerance to 0,0.


Then, F (= hand-drawn selection). Mode "exclude from current selection" to remove the area which I don't want to recolor.


Then, Shift + B (= bucket). I set it to "fill all the selected area" instead of "fill similar colors".


Make sure to not use the version 2.8 of GIMP. It's unnecessarily complicated, 2.6 is far better.

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you literally recolor all the pixels on the character to difffernt shades of another color.


pink, green, orange, blue, red, etc.


and then do it for all frames.




if you are not experienced with image editing at the very least, this is gonna be like you climbing a building... its not gonna happen.

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