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A little help with my Kain?

Ishiro The Third


Hello, people :hi:  Im editing a Kain R. Heinlein, to give him XI Sparks, sonds, etc... I need from a little help in his run; When i press "Front, Front",he give a little dash and stop. I wanna do him still in a constant run...How can i do it? Anyone can help me?


Here is the Kain, if you wanna look in the CNS to help me (I know, there is still a lot to be done): http://www.4shared.com/rar/jFqxJwwP/kainrh.html?




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useless tip.


look at common1.cns

;---------------------------------------------------------------------------; Run forward[Statedef 100]type    = Sphysics = Sanim = 100sprpriority = 1[State 100, 1]type = VelSettrigger1 = 1x = const(velocity.run.fwd.x)[State 100, 2] ;Prevent run from canceling into walktype = AssertSpecialtrigger1 = 1flag = NoWalk[State 100, 3] ;Prevent from turningtype = AssertSpecialtrigger1 = 1flag = NoAutoTurn[State 100, 4]type = ChangeStatetrigger1 = command != "holdfwd"value = 0



Oh look a run code! who would have guessed.


open your kain, and look in his CNS for a state 100, 100 is coded as run/dash.

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