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Siegfried released 12/25/13 by IIIII

Lord Batros

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15 special moves
2 critical edge/ super moves
new intro
new win pose
new stand/crouch/jump attacks
move list
color separated
it is up to me if I would like to give Siegfried 2 more moves
I don't want to take up to much command actions
and I might make new LieDead sprite
he is finished
I am not sure if you guys think so but for
the full game of soul edge 2 he is finished
so enjoy and have fun!
(if you like to give him a new AI you have permission to do it his AI now is not good)
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Wait, so this Soul Calibur Siegfried is not released by chuchoryu?


Didn't chuchoryu already release a Siegfried? Os is this his Siegfried updated/finished by IIIII?

Could be an update by IIIII from ChuChoryu's Siegfried but either way cool release. :awesome

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