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Samurai Warriors 4 (sengoku musou 4)


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Comes out in japan on ps3 and vita March 20th 2014


Hopefully it will come to the us


I lol'd at how matsunaga looked.... fucking gay as hell. I still jizzed my pants none the less



They are also making an anime bundled with Sengoku Musou 4 in 2014





Here is the official website if you want to see it as well



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Yeah that is what I was saying... He looks like a fruitcake in Samurai Warriors 4


It's like a trend now or something


Yoshisugu looks like a bad ass in SW4, but in SB he looks gay


Hideyoshi looks cool in SB and turns into monkey ass in SW... not to mention that voice of his >_>

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I thought Matsunaga looked more insane then gay. But I hope you can download this on the ps4 in January. Man I like that they finally added Nobuyuki Sanada, made Kanbei look even cooler. I even heard there bringing back Miyamoto Musashi and Goemon but no news on Musashi's rival Kojiro :/

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