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All this 3 girls

Sanosuke Sagara


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Those are Kasumi & Ayane from DoA & Crimson Valkyrie by Flowralia.


Here's the link for Kasumi : http://akkin.hanagasumi.net/kasumi_wpr.html


And Ayane : http://akkin.hanagasumi.net/ayane_wp.html


Finally, let's not forget Crimson Valkyrie : http://flowrallia.digi2.jp/


That fulfills your request, I do believe ;)


If I can give you a tip : check out databases like the one of  MFG or Google the characters (in this case, Google can be your friend). Most of the time you'll be able to find what you're looking for on your own doing it that way and you won't have to make a request  :truestory:

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