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Latest Evil Ryu and Evil Ken by Reu

Sanosuke Sagara


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Youre right Kaze No Ken, then give me another links for the latest, but made by Reu, not by pots


Oh, I didn't know you'd be running into some troubles with these versions. And POTS did not make them, he merely updated them so they would work in mugen 1.0 and made them available on his site. It's the only updates they've gotten for as far as I know.


Anyway, try these out if you want :


http://randomselect.piiym.net/hosted/hosted_characters.htm => scroll down to Reubenkee (author's are alphabetically sorted)


http://reubenkee.com/httpdocs/MI.htm => the original site where they were first made availbable to the public (along with a patch or two if I remember correctly).


If you're still running into trouble regarding palettes and AI for these versions, then I cannot help you on this matter.

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