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The manifestation of a nightmare



A.K.A. a clever pun on the 2 characters I desire, yet which are separate from my wish list (see separate post).



So without further ado, creativity is what resides in these two,


It's the reason that for them I desire,


Yet finding them I cannot on Mediafire,


So I humbly ask for your help,


Or else I'm afraid I'll let out a yelp.


To anyone who might be able to help, grateful I will be


For now and all of eternity.....



#1)Manifest Goenitz by Ra Lord => offline, and the creator will not put out any links, for only leechers want this so he thinks. => private


#2) Nightmare Yamazaki by Ra Lord => Same author as the previous one, with whom creating he begun.  The 4shared link is down, of that I'm scared. => fulfilled thanks to Hayonik!



Please note and so I quote : "The most up-to-date ones of these are the versions I seek, If anyone can help me, I'll gladly give you a kiss on the cheak!"


Finally let me conclude by spouting out:


This is Winmugen11, signing out

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