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Samuel Han


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Name : Samuel Han

Origin : Guardian Heroes

Prowess : Swordplay

Minor : Magic

Version : Release 1


My reason for making Han goes back to finding his gameplay interesting. Not to mention the easy to find sprites.

The issue I had with making him was lack of sounds. I used other "Hans" available to get his sounds. So MAJOR credit to the guy who ripped

Hans voice prior. your a BOSS. Lastly I made him the same way i've made all of my other Guardian Heroes characters, 3 button gameplay with

a mix of several elements from various games.

He is now alot more fun to play with compared to his slower version in the actual game.

Very easy to string together combos and such.

Nicely exaggerated supers.


X = Punch / Sword Butt / Drop Kick

Y = Light Slash / Air Launcher

Z = Heavy Slash / Knock Down

Han Finale

D , D, x y or z

Han Maximum

D , D, x y or z (AIR)



D, B, x

Spining Slasher

D, B, y

Han Maximum (AIR)

D, F y

Han Finale

D,F, z

=Special Thanks=

My Wife.

Mugen Free For All - For YEARS of support.

All of the amazing guys who rip Guardian Hero sprites.

You for playing with my character.

Download more of my work at MugenFreeForAll.com , registration is required to view my work. Sorry.

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