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Re-Release "INFINITY PHALANX" From Demon's Crest by OMEGAPSYCHO Mugen 1.1

Lord Batros

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From Author


*- Now this char was programmed under MUGEN 1.1 engine (50% brand new code).
*.-Include instalation file (only COPY the main line in the "select.def" file).
*.-Include a special ".DEF" for Phalanx. (He can speak in SPANISH).
*.-Include NEW remade Stage for Mugen1.1 ( Dosn't work in Mugen 1.0 & Winmugen anymore)
*.-Winner screen based on my last creations.
*.-Now Phalanx begins at a position farthest.
*.-Now the bridge is dangerous in first round.
*.-Remade all Hitboxes.
*.-Remade the damage system.
*.-The Green sphere can make hurt.
*.-The Yellow sphere can detect the p1 position, but, is more easy to evade.
*.-"Ultimate Beam Scream of Death" is much more fast and deadly.
*.-Now the stage "tension" shows the chars more centered.
*.-Add some AfterEffects.
*.-Now can take real damage.(not by hits number anymore).
*.-Now, if you hit the Phalanx's face you can made more damage.
*.-Now, the Phalanx's body is more resistant to attacks.
*.-New portraits & Quote.
*.-Fixed all known bugs:    
       -Fixed when character fell very fast at the lava pool by touch it from high position.
       -Fixed when Phalanx' chest desapear.
       -Fixed character stuck in lava when wins.
       -Fixed when Phalanx is destroyed and the bridge dosn't detect p1.
       -Fixed "4 sphere attacks" when dosn't hurt.
       -Fixed helpers saturation problem.
       -Fixed sound glitch when p1 wins in the lava bottom.
       -Fixed when Phalanx's head up from the bridge after destroy it.
       -Fixed "lava pools", "spikes", "skull's flames" hitdefs.
       -Fixed all bad align sprites.
       -Fixed burning effects appearance by 1 hit.
I hope that will please everyone.
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