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[PC] Pokemon Nightmare Version: Invasion


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Story: 11.January 1996: Over night the world lost its connection to Azure City. It seems as if all citizens disappeared in a matter of hours. The public is scared of whatever happened. A terrorist attack? A failed experiment of the GENE COMPANY? Or maybe aliens? 25.January 1996: A team of policemen go to Azure City. Only 4 of them come back after realizing that they cant find their collegues. The investigation posed more questions than answers. 25.February 1996: After a month of silence, a young investigator named Jack heads for Azure City. His goal is to solve the case once and for all, no matter what it takes. Why is he trying to accomplish what a team of policemen failed to do? Why is he risking his life for such a feared case? Is he going to make it out alive? Find out in Pokemon Nightmare: Invasion Background: Pokemon Nightmare: Invasion is a spiritual successor to Pokemon Nightmare, an old project of mine which got quite popular over the years despite being entirely in german. What you can expect: Action battle system Fights against pokemon Interactivity Collectibles HMs A big city with many dungeons Many dangerous boss battles multiple endings 2-4 hours of gameplay


My opinion... play this game its fun and a bit of thriller at the same time.

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