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Hitosyura by YUUKI_in_SLASH updated on 2013-08-07


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Hitosyura 人修羅(真3主人公)by YUUKI_in_SLASH updated on 2013-08-07:




** Hitosyura 人修羅(真3主人公)is the main character of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne 真・女神転生III NOCTURNE **


◆更新履歴 ◇2013/08/07(正式版1.92)  ・ソウルバランス 新MUGENだと当身が成立しない不具合を修正。  ・食いしばりの記述の修正(ATRUS氏ご教授)。


Google Translate:


◆ Update History ◇ 2013/08/07 (official version 1.92) - Fixed a bug that blow is not satisfied that it is Seoul balance new MUGEN. And correction of the description of clenching (ATRUS pleased Professor).


Download at YUUKI_in_SLASH's SkyDrive:  https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=488885C10AB3FB5E

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