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SNES TMNT:TF Armaggon updated by Coloness 9/3/13

Lord Batros

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This is my first character, so please be gentle. so please rip me into shreds.
Anyhoo, Armaggon is a TMNT Adventures character that managed to sneak into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters fighting game. He's not source accurate, since the game's mechanics are kinda messed up and I wanted to put some spin into it. I initially wanted to make a KFM edit, but 6 special moves + 2 supers + tons of existing KFM edits = I got demotivated.
Stuff I forgot to include in the readme:
Counter hits do additional damage and hitstun. They also cause a single-hit juggle state if the opponent is launched in the air. This is required for getting full damage out of Armaggon's super.
All grounded normals, aside from his far st.C, can be canceled into his command normal.
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Updated the character. Thanks for the welcome (although I was already here for a bit :V)
- Updated README to include more information
- Added custom landing state to C throw, making it look slightly less worse and removing the unblockable. Still looks bad though
- Added a quick taunt, use it as a fireball fake or something
- I'm not adding a run.
Stuff to fix for next version if I have time:
- Meaty low unblockables after a reset because opponents go into state 52 when they land. e.g. hitting opponents out of the air with a st.A and then doing a cr.B as they land. This seems like it could be solved with an abundance of custom states, but...
- Restand combos if you time your normal correctly after a CH juggle
- Janky throws
- Those damned shiny hitsparks
If anybody has some ideas/solutions on the first two before I tackle them, that'd be awesome.
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