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Lord Batros

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From authors release post


Game Play

3 Button Game Play: Light Attack, Med Attack & Strong Attack
Taunt: Enter or Start Button
Forward Dash: F,F (Can go through attacks / Behind enemy)
Back Dash: B,B
Special:  Combination Direction Pad + Button
Super:  ***Requires 3000 Powers / Health 50% or Less***
Color Select
Color1 Original = Weak attack
Color2 Red/Dark Gray = Medium attack
Color3 Yellow/Red = Strong attack
Head Butt: F, Med Attack
Fail Throw Crush by P2: F, Strong Attack
Dual Shock: F,B+C 
Horn Attack: in Air U + Med Button
Fireball:  D, DF, F, Any Button
Air Fireball:  in Air D, DF, F Any Button
Fireball Diagonal: F, D, DF, Any Button
Lighting Blade:  D hold U, Any Button
Fire Poison Smoke: D, DB, B Any Button
Desperation Move
Super Alvan Armor: F,B,DB,D,DF,F, x+y+z  (Require 3000 Powers / Health 50% or Less)
AI: Yes
Win Quotes: Yes
Custom Shock / Burn P2: Yes 
Ending: Coming soon.....
-Alvan vs Alvan Fireball don't cancel when contact.....they go through each other
-Sometime you get error 1104 state?
[special Credit and Thanks]
Elecbyte for KFM as template
Ryon for Video Tutorials





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yeah ironjw is really coming along with his creating, plus he has my heart when it comes to mugen, he only wants to make things that havnt been made in mugen, instead of making a new ver of an old character 

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