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The End / Seven by SS5Ace174, edited by me


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This is an old WIP by SS5Ace, which was re-founded by Electrocaid & asked to me for repairing & editing it... & so that I did: news intros, new winposes, some sprites missing added, some sounds added, & AI added. video to see it in action:

Credits to: -SS5Ace for original creation -Electrocaid for finding that char & all his work for his "mugen museum" Supermystery for some codes. link = http://www.mediafire.com/?795345qgt9vz649 Comments are welcome. Enjoy.
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Wow this looks pretty cool.


If you like repairing old incomplete characters, I have tons of em. 


I would love to see Shin Dan completed w/ AI and Mean Dan.


I guess I could for Shin Dan, but for Mean one, I dont know that the author means by "mean" dan. lol



This is awesome! I just love SF edits, but can you upload Blaze Agent and Blackjack?


Find blackjack in the same section, & blaze agent is still here: http://brazilmugenteam.com/category/chars-2/chars-spec-ops/


Glad you liked, guys :)

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