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Kazuya Tekken 6 + SF X TK By chuchoryu released 8/10/13

Lord Batros

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From author :


Special Thanks to:
RCT29: For make some sprites for Kazuya and for Ogre
Askuka: For make to much sprites for this character
And you for download this character, you rocks!! really...
**Move List**
*Basic combos*
*Combo 1: LP,MP,Foward+SP
*Combo 2: LP, MP, MK, LK
*Combo 3: LP, LP, MP
*Combo 4: Back+LK, LP, MP, LK
*Combo 5: LP, MP, MK, Back+HP, Rising Sun
*TAG: a+y
*Note: This command is only in Team Mode in mugen
Press only Foward (including in the air)
Foward + b orc or y or z
*Foward roll*
a+x +Foward
*Gauge charge*
*Ushiru uraken*
*Right Split Kick*
& Left Split Kick*
F,F, b
*Dragon Uppercut*
D,DF,F,D,DF,F, x
*Rising Uppercut* EX Properties
D,DF,F y  or  z
*Rising Sun* EX Properties
D,DB,B any kick
*Hell Lancer*EX Propeties
D,DF,F any kick
*Demon God Fist*
While Rising + y
*Demon God Fist EX*
D, DF, F + 2 Punches
*Twin Piston*
While Rising x  and continue to push y
*Entrails Smash*
*Note: and continue to push y or b or F+y
*Hell Drop*
DF+b continue to push b
*Hell sweep*
~F, D, DF, b
*Note: Continue to Push x or b+b  or b+x
*Soul Thrust*
F, F, y or z
*Lighting Screw Uppercut*
B, b+x
*SFxTK Super Arts*
Use one level super gauge: D,DF,F + punch X 3
*SFxTK Cross Arts*
Use Three level super gauge: D,DF,F, b+y
*Note: If you have a partner (Tekken side) your character change in battle for your parthener (this moe is only aplied in Tekken characters or some I made using the basic Tag System)
More to come...
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Whats up with this guy never just finishing one character and then moving onto the next?

I think what he is doing is he is making all his chars into alphas and betas for now and then once he is done doing that he will go back threw and finish each of them one by one

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