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Re-Release "PUPPY LOVE" Mini Game by OMEGAPSYCHO Mugen 1.1

Lord Batros

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Released about a week ago,but not reported, and once again not everyone goes to guild


From Authors Post on guild -


Greetings, :curtain: in this occasion I bring a one more adaptation of my old creations. This is one, was not much popular because the weight of the sound file was very high. :S This time it was corrected some bugs and especially, is much lighter (5.5 MB only) and is:
"PUPPY LOVE" Mini Game from Eartworm Jim 2 for SNES.
without further explanation, these are the changes and features made since the last version for Winmugen:
*-Now this minigame was adapted in MUGEN 1.1 engine.
*.-Include instalation file (only COPY the main line in the "select.def" file, Is not necessary cut folders or files from the main folder).
*.-Include NEW remade Stage for Mugen 1.1 ( Dosn't work in Mugen 1.0 & Winmugen)
*.-The gameplay and code is the same to the Winmugen version i made 4 years ago.
*.-Now the stage "tension" shows the chars more centered.
*.-New portraits & Quotes.
*.-NO more BGmusic integrated anymore. Only normal stage music.
*.-Fixed all known bugs:    
       -Fixed when character fell is stuck in the next round by been killed with the display in zero.
       -Fixed when player stuck and never come back from explosion.
       -Fixed the final animation by exploding head sprites and positions.
       -Fixed difficult in "secret minigame".
       -Fixed the display postion in HD mode.
       -Fixed appearance position of grannies.
       -Fixed helpers saturation problem.
       -Fixed size and quality of .SND file (lighter & good sound).


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