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Unit (9) Cirno

Octavia Melody

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  • Stance Hitbox looks too large
  • Width doesnt match the idle hitbox, causing jittering when walking into p2
  • misaligned hitsparks
  • default mugen hitsparks and sounds as well
  • 5c is +7 on block AND knocks down on hit
  • 2c is +11 on block
  • 2c can juggle into itself
  • Why does 236a juggle the opponent after they defrost?
  • AI cannot detect 236a from more than half-screen away
  • 236b is +27 on hit with 72 damage, and +10 on block with 24 chip damage
  • no back throw?
  • 236a -> 236b is an infinite in the corner.
  • Chill spike causes p2 to be stuck in a blockstate if they stand near it
  • Ice Rocket is also a corner infinite if timed right. Its also +8 on block in corner.
  • Why do her supers use X, Y, and Z when none of those buttons are used for anything else
  • 236x is +82 on hit and +67 on block
  • The recovery of all versions of Rising Knee can be cancelled by any air move
  • All versions of Rising Knee are -12 on block.
  • Super Freeze is 8 frame startup with +20 on block and does 81 chip damage (compared to 240 damage on hit), not to mention shes also completely invulnerable during the active frames. The move is way too safe.
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