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Mugen1.1 CROCOMIRE Boss Stage (RE-Release) by OMEGAPSYCHO 6/14/13

Lord Batros

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*.-Include instalation file (only COPY the main line in the select.def file, is not necessary CUT FOLDERS or FILES).
*.-Now this char was programmed under MUGEN 1.1 engine.
*.-Include NEW remade Stage for Mugen 1.1 ( Dosn't work in Mugen 1.0 & Winmugen anymore).
*.-Now Crocomire begins at a position farthest. (you can finish the round more fast).
*.-Now "Crocomire Skeleton" dosn't step back by hit it, now, only reduce velocity. (Sorry spammers.  )
*.-Now Crocomire can walk back more steps for the round lasts less (Before: 2 steps back, now: 4 steps).
*.-Now the player can walk onto the bridge. (Do it at your own risk.  ) 
*.-"Uppercut claw" attack is now unsafe near to Crocomire's body.
*.-"4-plasma balls attack" is more fast.
*.-Now the stage "tension" shows the chars more centered.
*.-New portraits & Quotes.
*.-Fixed all known bugs:    
       -Fixed when character fell very fast at the lava pool by touch it from high position.
       -Fixed when crocomire dosn't fell in the lava pool from back of the stage.
       -Fixed character stuck between the spikes and lava.
       -Fixed character stuck in the rooftop by hiting very fast.
       -Fixed glitch by Crocomire throws the character as he falls into the pool to the same time.
       -Fixed when bridge is destroyed and Crocomire dosn't detected.
       -Fixed "4 ball plasma attack" dosn't hurt.
       -Fixed helpers saturation and crash problem.
       -Fixed sound glitch when p1 wins in the lava bottom.
       -Fixed when Crocomire walks forward off the bridge after destroy it.
       -Fixed when "Surprise Crocomire" appeared immediately in the same second round by pressing F4.
       -Fixed "lava pools", "spikes", "roof" & "Crocomire's back" hitdefs. (Some chars can't detect). (Even now, but is less frequently  ).
       -Fixed all hitboxes bad align.
       -Fixed burning effects appearance by hit the ground very fast.
       -Fixed Crocomire's powers stuck after perform "Multi-projectile plasma attack".
       -Fixed when p1lies fallen while "Crocomire Skeleton" runs forward and drags him until he gets up.
       -Fixed the BGM integrated size and quality (lighter & good sound).
I expect more comments unlike the last time.   Well, nothing more to explain, i'll just simply say: 



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