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Edits of SuperMario and SuperLuigi Edits


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I did an edit of SM853's edit of ShinRyoga's SuperMario. The edits are mostly nerfs, here's the list:
-Reworked CLSNs
-Varied startup and cooldowns based on attack strength
-Gave the Invincibility Star super a lengthy startup
-Removed a lot of attacks' ability to hit downed opponents
-Made Super Jump Punch mostly vulnerable, with a few invincibility frames at startup, and is now completely blockable
-You can no longer cancel any version of Super Jump Punch out of any version of Mario Tornado, unless you're using Neo Mode
-Removed reaction to Chun-Li's taunt
-Removed various buffs when against "cheap" characters
-Mario is now vulnurable to throws when dodging or rolling
-Removed custom guarding AI
-Toned down AI and made it a little less predictable
-Lowered Mario's life to 850
-Removed the ability to use the Super Jump Punch when in liedown state
-Slowed down Mario's fireball animation, it should be less spammable now
-Fixed some syntax errors
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SuperLuigi edit released, SuperMario Edit Updated. Check first post for link.



All special moves are no longer safe on block (except Fireball, which is only unsafe on block if in close quarters)

Gave Invincibility Star super lengthy startup

Added CLSNs for all moves that lacked it

Reworked clsns on a lot of animations

Luigi Cyclone now only hits once, with the exception of the EX version

Varied invincibility time for Super Jump Punch and made all versions except the EX version hit once, and increased damage to compensate

Lowered life to 850


Tweaked invincibility time on all Super Jump Punch

Fireball is no longer safe on block in close quarters

Lowered life to 830

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