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My Little Pony - Fighting is Magic Sprites


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hallo everypony  :hi:

so i found these sprites on the guild and the links are dead and have been for a LONG time

so i happen to have downloaded all of the sprites (including stages and interface)

and i thought they deserved to be revived... just too bad that rainbow dash and fluttershy

were not in the evo build which these sprites were ripped from  :donwan: unfortunately i did

not download the voice packs before the links died damn it... :crywithno: but i guess you can

record or somtin yourself and get decent results anyway yep... have fun...

dl 1  -  http://www.mediafire.com/download/b169cm79jyu6qc1/Fighting_is_Magic_Sprites.rar

dl 2  -  http://www.4shared.com/rar/-_foa6_P/Fighting_is_Magic_Sprites.html?

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Thank you very much!  By the way, do you know which Pony is the boss of the game please?

none of them are... the chars are all playable... and the evo build only had a 2p versus mode 

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