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Fred's AOF1 Todo (now with chargin' wave-z0rz)

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http://www.4shared.com/folder/Woe7L7F0/_online.html (Select aof1todofix.zip)



Fred's AOF1 Todo with some fixes.

* Can now charge

* Scaled properly (using localcoord)

* Added pallettes, including a crappy Sega Genesis alternate color

* Fixed that annoying bug when you defeat him by chip damage

* Intuitive button layout


May include some other fixes. Most of the fixes had already been here because I edited the crap out of all of Fred's characters.  As-is, they suck.

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hey i liked how you did andore and the rest of the ff crew - how about you make belger axl holllywood wong who two p and everybody else? it will be nice to play as belger and the gang

I've thought about it, but they don't have enough frames.  Belger is especially lacking.

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