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Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

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well since i cant post on MI since i consider as dead 


to watch my older vids go here to my YT Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/wargame10


here's my first 5 vids from 265 to 269


Sengoku Army MUGEN 265: Nanaya Shiki vs Wonder Woman (MugenLord's Most Wanted List Challenge) 


Sengoku Army MUGEN 266: Ciel & Hisui vs Duckass Crappy Rage Joe Higashi (Ciel and Hisui has seperate fights)


Sengoku Army MUGEN 267: Arcuied Brunestud vs Cyclops 


Sengoku Army MUGEN 268: Kamijou Touma vs Warachia 


Sengoku Army MUGEN 269: Sion Eltnam Atlasia vs Sagat 

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well i used the name "Sengoku" (i was avid fan of Sengoku Basara) 


the reason i add "Army" on it. well thats my Team name (used in some so called Mugen Tourney) so voila thats the lame history of Sengoku Army.

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