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Master Betty from Kung Pow sound for Dan by POTS


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So one night me and a friend had just finished seeing Kung Pow, and then playing SF IV. Friend can't stand Dan, so I was beating the game with Dan for him. At which time he'd go : "NNNEEEGGGHHH!" like Betty when I'd throw Dan's fireball.

Don't know who's Master Betty? Or never seen the movie? Here he is:

When we were laughing, then I got the idea to do this:


Here's DL:


Thinking of doing one for the boys from SF III, Gato from KOF, or Gen from SFA....

Edit: Damn it, can't get the embedding. What am I doing wrong?

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Just go to special BBCode, media, and then type the link in media url.

thats one way to do it,another is to grab the long link and just paste it,it'll auto embed @_@

Anyway,i love that movie so i may have to snag this heh

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