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  1. yep, I'm doing MUGEN Videos again. Not much to say about this match, really. it's a stock "vs Ryu by POTS" match ment to get me back into the feel of things and test out Bandicam. May or may not register it however*Mainly to get rid of the watermark, I'm really not planning on doing 10+ min MUGEN Videos....* Also, Koldschool's stuff needs more love. Joke Video,nothing more really needs to be said tbh. The first of Three "MUGEN MOST WANTED" Videos. gotta admit, it was fun to do it but then again, I do like Tizoc by [email protected] my initial plan was to use a Delga and Tizoc but
  2. I know, I think it has something to do with the screenpack itself as I clearly remember putting "too" in there
  3. Missing out then ;p ,anyways, The Select screen ones look like that due to the way the way it's set up. the Vs/Win screen ones aren't as squished.
  4. The Select screen ones or the Vs ones? Likewise, which sets? the MVC ones, the MVSF ones, the XMvsSF ones or *i'm betting* the MSH Portraits in the Misc folder?
  5. hey there My fellow MUGEN players and users of GreyFox's MUGEN Nexus pack. today I present a rather nice Gift today. What's that gift.. well*Plays the MVC 1 intro theme* LET'S GET CRAZY! I ported ALL the X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Street Fighter AND Marvel Vs Capcom Ports into the NEXUS Format*well... the stuff that would look appealing at lest* along with the Vampire Savior ports of Jon, Lei-Lei and Felicia and some other misc ones. heads up, while I DID do some porting of the Marvel Super Heros portraits.. Um, use at your own risk, trust me. Download lin
  6. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2012/jul/09/sven-x-men-specific-if-table-marvel-super-heroes-vs-street-fighter-would-be-possible-our-opinion-its-relatively-weak-game/ and now we know why MSHvsSF isn't in.
  7. Less of "Say" and more of "Huge Royalites" that they don't wanta pay out for. Mind you , if this DOES sell well enough, I'm assuming Capcom will try to get us X-Men:COTA and XMvsSF at a later date. As for the Spidey thing... really, that was overreacting due to the fact he hadn't been announced and The new Spider-Man game that was coming out at the time. no more,no less
  8. from what I heard, The reason the X-Men Games are not included is due to Activison holding the X-Men video game rights and Capcom not wanting to though the same crap as Konami did when giving us thier X-Men game. Still, I'm getting this because I LOVE MVC1
  9. Mainly showing off my lifebar ports here ;p
  10. The Lifebars look Okay but.... 18318 slots? @@
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