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  1. Project Catch-em All Beta 3 Hello everyone! As many of you may know, this project has been split into two games, both with different systems we call A and B. Alexei has taken over System B (ability to select and switch Pokemon on the fly) and moved it to Game Maker, and has given me access to the MUGEN project which uses System A, the current game as we have now. With that being said, this game is not dead. Instead, I have spent the last several months being lazy touching up the current engine and what you can do with it. It's still a beta since many visual things need touching up, like the title screen for example, but anyone can pitch in with ideas to make the system better. Here's a quick list as to what you can do with it now: 1. The game's code has been re-written. It now uses the proper stats for each Pokemon, except speed. This also means that the game now splits its attacks into two different types: Physical and Special, though you can also create attacks that deal a set amount of damage. Evasion and the accuracy of moves now plays a bigger part than damage. 2. Pokemon types are now viable to implement properly. It now uses the proper type advantages/disadvantages for each pokemon. This also means that most pokemon have been affected greatly by this change, since it's possible to create dual-types. 3. Sleep and Freeze is implemented. 4. Periodic damage from Whirlpool/Fire Spin/Infestation/etc is implemented. 5. Weather and terrain-changing abilities and moves work, but they may still be bugs with it. 6. Abilities can be used, but depending on the pokemon, you can either have them turned off unless you select a specified palette, or have them on indefinitely. In addition, the A.I can only activate their ability if you set the difficulty to 8, although this can be removed as well. 7. The names of moves you're currently doing are implemented and can now be displayed as long as you like. 8. The projectiles of most Pokemon's attacks will now only hit one opponent, to emphasize on using Pokemon as a shield as a tactic with the "simul" game mode. Things like Omastar's Scald and Quilava's Flamethrower will not hit multiple opponents unless they are bunched together. 9. Attacks that can flinch will reset the ATB gauge to the minimum of the move itself, rather than a set number that you can also set yourself, if inclined to. Treat this like Paralysis. Much of what you want to do with each Pokemon depends on whether it's been done before by other creators (implementing the move Disable, for example), whether it was implemented in previous Pokemon games that followed the main games (Surfing Pikachu in Pokemon Stadium), and/or whether it's viable to do it in the MUGEN engine (Mega Evolutions can only be used as a separate character with modified sprites, for example). The general consensus is to try and make the Pokemon less overpowered and more balanced and fun to play with, though Legendaries can be made a bit more powerful for "final boss-ness". Read the CHARACTER INFO.txt and Developer Reference.txt files for details. Because of the recent changes, you must disregard every character that's been made before this came to light, since there's a chance they won't be compatible anymore. In addition, certain Pokemon were either nerfed (Steelix, Charizard), buffed (Beedrill), or largely unchanged. NOTE: Be careful with selecting different combinations of Team Modes; Though I was in the process of fixing the different combinations of effects and how the lifebar generates effects, it can become bugged when you select different game modes for both players instead of the same mode. For now, always keep the same mode for both players. Screenshots: Here's the Mediafire Links: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ctqzewhzc5bykcc/Pokemon_Project_Catch_em_All.rar Update file for people who already downloaded the main file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jcc9wjyi4nyaygb/Pokemon_Project_Catch_em_All-update.rar Known Bugs: Short list of System Changes:
  2. Replying to this message you sent me  ("Rip sprites from 2d fighter maker") In case you didn't get it:



    I ripped the sprites using a combination of recording a video of the characters fighting using Hypercam 2 and then print-screening and editing the images, and changing some of the values of the files itself to try and open them from the "2D Fighter Maker 95" editor (Although that failed to get the sprites).


    Bizarre Fighters seemed to be encrypted, because it can't be opened in any of the fighter maker editors without using a hex editor, so I decided to rip them out the hard way. If your game just so happens to be locked in the same way, just opening them from a program won't work.


    This is the method I came up with to get the information from Bizarre Fighters:




    Here's how I did it using the Free Hex Editor, "XVI32":

    1. Open the character file (example: "[name].player" files) using the hex editor.


    2. Change the first seven letters you see that says "KGTGAME" in the decimal address panel into "2DKGT95" (a newly-created/RTP .player file's first seven letters you see). Save the file.


    3. Try to open the file in the editor for 2D Fighter Maker 95 editor. To do this, create a new game, select the "Players" tab, and then right-click the empty space and select "Add Player From File". It will come up with an error that says "Err.Open Player C:\[Bizarre Fighters folder]\[name].player.img". If this happens, you're on the right track.


    4. Make a copy of the hex-edited file in the same folder and add the extension ".player.img" to the copied file.


    5. Repeat step 3 to make the error say something like this: "Err.Open Player C:\[Bizarre Fighters folder]\[name].player.sound". Repeat Step 4, but add the extension ".player.sound" to the copied file. After this, you should have 3 character files: "???.player", "???.player.img", and "???.player.sound"


    6. If all went well, you should be able to open the file! If not, open the file that was duplicated with the extension ".player.img" using the hex editor and change all but the letter "D" into "." (use the hex address panel and use "00" to change the letters except the letter "D".)


    7. Now you should be able to open the file!


    However, this is all I got up to. Out of the 696 sprites I can view from Mario using the editor, I can only rip out about a few sprites perfectly. Every other sprite comes out garbled.




    I also noticed another user here called Valgallah who posted stages for the same game. Maybe s/he has the answer to what you need.





  3. Glaceon Feedback: 1. Glaceon ends its attack before all icicles of "Ice Shard" have hit the opponent, leaving the opponent with one non-ice-type icicle hitting it. (Test this out by using my Snorlax, setting its palette to one that enables abilities, and use Ice Shard. Only the final hit won't be resisted by Snorlax's Thick Fat ability.) 2. "Blizzard" has Fire as its attack type, not Ice. When under hail, it deals 55 hits worth of 2 damage; As usual, you should at least lower the amount of hits by half and double the damage so that resistances to Ice and the victim's defences won't be close to useless. 3. The effects of "Ice Body" and "Blizzard" will persist even without the correct weather if the opponent changes the weather or uses their own Hail before Hail runs out. This means that Blizzard will always hit for full-screen, and Glaceon will always recover life until it uses Hail again.
  4. You don't need extra sprites for Leaf Blade. Just have Leafeon jump at the opponent, with a green slash effect appearing as you hit the opponent. It may look like Quick Attack with a sword, but that's one way you can keep Leaf Blade. As for voting, I wouldn't bother with Razor leaf if you do add in Leaf Blade, as they both have a higher chance of a critical hit. I'll suggest Giga Drain, but it may make Leafeon cheap if you're also adding in Chlorophyll, as the speed boost will make Giga Drain spammable.
  5. The problems with Rest and its timing is still there. In addition to that, a new problem: Rollout is a Normal type instead of a Rock Type as it deals the same damage to Fire and Bug types, and Sing is a Fire type instead of a Normal type (although that doesn't matter as much).
  6. This wasn't posted in Project Catch 'em All, so I didn't see this until later. Feedback on Jigglypuff: 1. Its cry is the sound of Jolteon. 2. On the contrary to the readme file, Rollout gets faster each time it attacks with the move. The rotation of the character doesn't adjust according to the speed of the attack; it keeps to the same spin rotation even though Jigglypuff is getting faster. Its ATB also needs a reduction, as you can get almost two hits from it before the enemy can react. 3. Sing has no sound at all. 4. Rest heals life after half a second, and goes to sleep after 50 ticks! You need to increase the time it takes before you heal so you heal at the time of sleeping, or someone could hit you out of the move before you sleep. 5. When Competitive activates, a dust effect comes out in the middle of its body periodically. You could use a better effect than that.
  7. Wow, there's a LOT that needs to be done here. Here comes a long list of issues... 1. The Small Portrait is too big. Needs to be 25x25. 2. Your choices of animation for all basic things such as attacks and movement are questionable at best. Air Strong Punch looks like it should be a crouch attack, blocking has him just standing there (Air blocking is a better example of a good block), the grab attack makes very little sense, and Air Medium Kick has him transform to kick, with horrible transitions between forms. a. With that being said, certain animations make some attacks finish slower than others. Stand Medium Kick takes even longer to finish than every basic attack other than Crouch Strong Punch. b. Other animations repeat even if pressed only once, like all the Air Kick attacks. The secret to finding this out is pressing Kick early as soon as you leave the ground into a normal jump. 3. Collisions need work overall. Standing, walking, blocking, and getting hurt while standing should be about the same length and height for consistency's sake. a. Stand Medium Kick is ridiculous in that the attack has ended, but the collision is still there, so the opponent can still get hit by it. Seriously, try walking towards him as soon as Popeye's foot has stomped. b. Stand Strong Kick has huge priority, both in front and behind him. c. Throw's range needs to be longer for what it's worth. The animation looks like the grab range should be longer, but isn't. d. Twister Punch and Sailor Charge are almost half-screen attacks, while Pipe Flame IS A FULL-SCREEN ATTACK! 4. Some basic attacks need some tweaking for more fluid chain-ability. Stand Strong Kick looks like it could be a launcher, but doesn't actually launch the opponent at all. Air Medium attacks actually do a better job, although they shouldn't be doing it. a. All Air attacks cannot chain into each-other. b. Air Medium attacks knocks the opponent to the floor, so whatever chain combo you want to perform in the air will be useless. c. Air Strong Kick can only knock down the opponent if they're on the ground. 5. Using Air Strong Punch and Pipe Flame will force the opponent into [50070], then into his own basic states. When that happens, the opponent cannot attack, and jumping causes clones to appear from a helper called "Jump Dust". 6. I don't like how you can only use stronger, power-hungry specials when performing other specials, instead of on demand like the same command with two punches/kicks. a. Said specials need a damage buff. As it stands, Twister Punch, Sailor Charge, and Sailor Counter deal too little damage to be considered, even with XX-Move Versions. 7. Twister Punch charges too slowly to bother using it to cause unblockable damage. It takes 2.5 seconds to charge to the max, and the opponent can hit you out of it at any time. 8. Weak and Medium versions of Sailor Uppercut are basically the same. In the same way you made the Strong version, give the Weak and Medium versions a bit more variety. a. Get hit out of the move while at the jump part, and Popeye will stand in mid-air! 9. Sailor Counter takes too long to get out of it. The counter lasts half a second, while you're stuck there for two seconds! 10. Ultra Anchor is missing effects that DDR had, including one that involved the anchor ripping the floor apart. a. The anchor itself moves off-screen but doesn't dissappear at all. Spam enough of these, and no-one will be able to use helpers at all! 11. Spinach Mode uses a blue-ish colour that makes Popeye invisible after the green colour effects. a. Spinach Mode's "Slight HP Nerf" is very drastic and may need nerfing: it makes Popeye take 100% extra damage! It also isn't listed in the readme file. 12. Sound placements make no sense at all. "Hey, your Pen-knife's there" when charging Twister Punch, the same "Woah" from missing a grab and grabbing the opponent is used for getting hurt, and the "Dancing" Win pose's music keeps repeating itself. 13. Your win animations needs a lot of work. The "Shirt Rip" win is lacking effects and has him rip his shirt too quickly for what it's worth, and the "Olive and Popeye" win has Olive appear out of nowhere! Seriously, almost everything needs work. DDR actually had some effects that you could leave alone and it would be acceptable. Instead, much of the effects were taken out.
  8. I saw this now at work, and I can say it's possible to replicate Competitive and Friend Guard in the newer system. First is Competitive. Basically, a move like Growl puts the opponent in a custom state that reduces their Attack stat, and if the user has the ability activated or the trainer has this ability, their Special Attack rises in the same custom state. It's a bit harder to detect multiple hits, as there's always a chance that each reduction in a multiple-hitting move will also boost the Special Attack stat to maximum, but some easy work-around will prevent this. Friend Guard requires a complete change. Something like "Effect is always active to all other pokemon in the party, if the user is in the party regardless of participation in battle". It makes someone like Cleffa be useful in battle without actually fighting, but it may be deemed cheap as you'd have to defeat two other pokemon to get the Friend Guarder. Will this be acceptable? There is currently nothing that detects gender in the system. It needs a variable to detect gender, but it could be randomised on pokemon that doesn't have a fixed gender. In the older system, the only viable ability to use would be Competitive, and it could be an ability that increases attack damage when at half or lower HP, like a last-ditch effort to win if you will.
  9. Your code is targeting the wrong person. Currently, it assumes that the PLAYER has the existing animation, not the enemy, and so the enemy will always be forced into an animation that they never have. Simply change every instance of this: ifelse(animexist(50103),1049,1039) to this: ifelse(enemynear,animexist(50103),1049,1039) You should also do this for Goho Li. It's the landing after the spin I'm talking about. It makes the move quicker to use again afterwards. You should have blue collisions while she's falling from the attack anyway, as it would look weird if a character can't attack a falling opponent because of no collisions. While the move does say "Spine Break Upper", it doesn't have to break the spine: at higher life, the opponent would recover from that as if nothing had happened, while the spine-breaking picture could be reserved as a hyper finish on opponents with lower life.
  10. (Updated Goho Li) 1. Crouch Strong Punch is still a juggle infinite in the corner, but lasts for up to 15 hits. 2. Crouch Strong Kick is still using the sound effect for Medium Kick instead of Strong Kick. 3. Both weak and strong versions still have the sound of the projectile hitting if the opponent blocks it instead of a blocked projectile sound. a. Forgot to mention, Energy Spark needs a damage boost. Their block damage is okay. b. During the attack, there is a red collision on the character herself, but it does nothing to the opponent. Is this intentional? 4. Spinning Tornado still can recover insanely fast from landing after the kick. a. The EX sound effect doesn't play on the EX version. 5. The only new thing I've found is that, for some odd reason, she has a chance of whiffing her focus attack by reverting to her pixelated version, doing the attack, then going back to normal, all by holding Down during the attack. Is this intentional? a. The attack is now unblockable, but the opponent goes into an invalid animation if it hits the opponent (tested this on Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man). 6. Flying Gale Punch's second hit of the EX version still plays no sound at all. a. When she falls, there is an animation that doesn't have any blue collisions at all! 7. Apart from the powergain, Spinning Vacuum Tornado has the same problems as before. ========== Rober Pasta: 1. Some of his collisions around his body need to be a bit larger, especially since his walking collisions need work. a. In contrast, his taunt collisions are too big. 2. Wave Flare needs a damage boost. It also suffers from the same problems that Goho Li did with her projectile, in that he can have more than one projectile on the field at a time, and all versions have the sound of the projectile hitting if the opponent blocks it instead of a blocked projectile sound. 3. Mountain Upper suffers from the same problems that Goho Li did, in that it doesn't have any merit for using it, since you can get punished before the attack even begins. a. It also has Goho Li's brief animation that doesn't have any blue collisions at all! 4. Missile Kick can be recovered from landing after the kick insanely fast. a. I also find it strange that the EX version has him just float there while pulling off two kicks, in contrast to the normal attacks that have him fly through the air. Is this intentional? 5. Spinning Wave Kick has a debug flood of "Player has no Root/Parent". a. The Strong version dose an insane amount of block damage when blocked. b. The EX version doesn't have the "transformation" sound effect end when he reverts back to normal. Instead, it plays when he lands on the ground! 6. Focus Attack has the same problems as Goho Li did, except much worse: His attack sends the opponent into an invalid animation even if the attack is blocked! (tested this on Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man) a. It's D, DF, F, b+y, NOT X+A - Typo in the Readme file. b. For some odd reason, he has a chance of whiffing his focus attack by reverting to his pixelated version, doing the attack, then going back to normal, all by holding Down during the attack. Is this intentional? 7. Wave Vulcan cannot be stopped by other projectiles. a. Somehow, it also does more damage if the opponent was in the air at the time. b. You didn't explain how to control it at all in the Readme file. Punch buttons make it go up, while kick buttons make it go down. c. Meanwhile, controlling it is flimsy, as you have to press buttons instead of hold them. 8. Torpedo Spinner doesn't have any transformation sounds throughout the move. a. The main attack doesn't work properly if you do this move while your back is against the corner. It also doesn't work properly if the opponent got hit by the move later than usual, but right before the move ends with you failing to hit: The spin attack begins as soon as the opponent is launched, meaning the attack ends up doing less damage than usual. b. The opponent may escape the main attack if their collisions isn't big enough. 9. Spine Break Upper has a horribly-stretched background image used. Try to find a better image. a. The move is also lacking in environmental shaking, since crashing down like a meteor should have you create a huge earthquake. b. When he lands after the attack, the "transformation" sound effect plays!
  11. First of all, is there a specific type of gameplay you're trying to emulate? It may explain some of the problems I have with her about her attacks being fast overall and can chain into themselves. 1. You missed out basic attacks you can do while holding forward in the Readme file. 2. Standing and walking collisions should be the same, to prevent the apparent "shakiness" that happens when both her and another character walk into each other. Since her walking collisions need work, you could just copy and paste the standing ones into that animation. 3. Sound-wise from street fighter 4, you're missing sounds for jumping and landing, and blocked attacks. a. Crouch Strong Kick is using the sound effect for Medium Kick instead of Strong Kick. 4. Her weak attacks can combo into themselves. Her Standing weak Punch, for instance, can be chained into itself multiple times by mashing the button. I managed to get 11 hits from this. 5. Standing strong kick launches opponents, which is weird for a kick that swings horizontally. Is this intentional? a. In addition, it's a juggle infinite in the corner for characters that cannot block in the air, and Crouch Strong Punch is a true juggle infinite in the corner in that the opponent cannot recover from this. 6. Standing Forward Strong Punch, Crouch Strong Punch, and Air Strong Kick all have red collisions with infinite priority in their attacks. 7. All air Weak attacks can be performed again by mashing buttons, unlike the strong attacks. Is this intentional? 8. Her throw ends with the opponent flying front-first into the ground, before being corrected to landing on their back. They should be thrown in the air so they will land back-first. Look at Ryu's back throw for instance. 9. Weak Energy Spark can have more than one projectile on the field. Is this intentional? a. In addition, both weak and strong versions have the sound of the projectile hitting if the opponent blocks it instead of a blocked projectile sound, and the EX version even has the sound of the projectile firing even if it hits. 10. Rising Dragon Kick seems lackluster: Not only does the attack knock the opponent back really far for not much of a reason, it also doesn't have any merit for even using it in the first place. No invincibility frames means you can get punished before the attack even begins. a. The attack "whoosh" sound plays at the start of the animation, not before the kick appears, and a successful hit uses the sound effect for Medium Kick instead of Strong Kick. 11. Spinning Tornado has a distinctive lack of shading in the spinning motion itself. a. She can recover insanely fast from landing after the kick, so you need to add extra time to the landing state. b. In addition, the EX version has a chance of missing some hits due to the opponent's collisions: you may want to compensate this by extending the attack collisions. 12. Focus Attack is D, DF, F, b+y, NOT X+A - Typo in the Readme file. a. It's missing sound effects, there is no holding the buttons to charge the attack and no unblockability, the opponent can block it while suffering guard damage, and the opponent goes into an invalid animation if it hits the opponent (tested this on Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man). 13. Flying Gale Punch suffers from the same lackluster problems as Rising Dragon Kick in that it doesn't have any merit for using it. a. When the second hit of the EX version hits, it plays no sound at all. b. When she lands, there is a brief animation that doesn't have any blue collisions at all! 14. Surpreme Energy Spark suffers from the same problems as the special versions, but a new problem is that the move does loads of block damage when blocked, dealing over half the damage of a successful hit. 15. Performing "Spinning Vacuum Tornado" causes an "expression Truncated to integer" debug problem. a. The Vacuum effect doesn't even pull the opponent as much as Ryu's version, only stopping halfway through the animation, then continuing with a small Vacuum. b. The move's damage may need increasing, as the special's EX version can do more damage with the same amount of power as this super. c. The move also gives back lots of power to a blocking opponent. As a final note, if you're emulating the combo-ability of street fighter 4, you should try and copy how the Crouch Weak Kick can chain into itself, as it chains with precise button pressing instead of mashing, and so it's a good base for all the other basic attacks.
  12. The only code problem I have with it is the "Can't Map Palette 1.1 to ..." error when you start the fight as Umbreon. Everything else is alright, including the palette-changing itself. The sprites you used for Dark Pulse is a bit ugly, but it doesn't matter as better effects can be made for it in the near future. You don't have to check back on the forum multiple times per day just to see progress. Anyone creating and releasing things for Mugen will take a long time. It's natural to take a long time to create things, and there's no rush to it at all. The earliest to expect a new update should be once a month or so, to give creators a break.
  13. This is what Alexei was saying back on Mugen Guild. I partly don't like the idea because in addition to extra variables needed, it requires to stick in a ton of pokemon sprites within one character, causing the .SFF file size to rise considerably even with effects separated to Mugen's .SFF file to lessen loading times. Then there's the prospect of customisable moves (assuming anyone wants this part to happen), which I'm dreading as it needs even more variables. I can code a working copy of that idea quickly though to try it out. You can do whatever you want to the common1.cns file at this point. What is your style of Sleep going to be like? If it turns out it can be implemented easily into the system, I'll add it to the main system. You have my permission.
  14. Hey all. For the past several weeks, I have come up with possibly the end-all template for the project, and the end-all wishlist for potential pokemon to exist in the game, as you can now create more than just your own within it. Keep in mind that while the original variables and placement of sprites are mostly intact, this template changes much of the system you know of, including the lack of compatiability with the original characters. As this is a beta, I will not deem this complete enough to use as a template, and thus won't do anything to the current system until I get the go-ahead to replace it with this system instead. A help file is included but it's unfinished. [Pics] Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?0gsgy3n4e5q2v8i The only problem I have with this is that there is so much to edit that it may overwhelm creators and new players alike, with the biggest problem being the damage formula; Even I am getting a headache from this formula, as it needs a ton of testing to see if I'm doing the right damage. A help guide may be needed to clear some things up. Bear in mind that not all abilities and moves can be replicated. This shouldn't stop you from devising your own pokemon's tricks, attacks, and strategies! This is the list of all abilities and moves that cannot be replicated without some overhauling or move changes: Moves: Abilities: *CONTROLS* 1. Select the character as usual. It is recommended to have Debug Keys on and turn P2's A.I on. 2. When the fight starts, use directional keys and Start button to choose pokemon. 3. When you have a full ATB, press START to pause. Use directional keys and Start button to choose options. Items does not work for now. 4. On the Summary screen, press START to select pokemon, then directional keys to browse moves and stats. 5. To switch pokemon, pause the game, select "Switch" and select the pokemon you want. 6. To quit early, have a pokemon faint, then select Exit with start, followed by yes with the prompt. 7. Don't try to quit in training mode, as the battle will never end. Instead, I will create a dedicated Training Tool to test out pokemon on. *CHANGES* *BUGS* 1. Pausing the game won't stop all attacks from being carried out. This can be fixed by using the "Pause" state, but this causes Mugen to crash later on. 2. The damage formula doesn't take into account multiple hits. Therefore, the damage of a multi-hitting attack will be greater than if the attack was condensed to only one hit, despite the damage reductions still being carried out. 3. Please leave alone the code in the [Data] part of the .cns file. It's there to ensure accurate damage, and the extra life is there to prevent taking excess damage to have a premature KO while in battle. 4. You can skip the "Select Pokemon" part at the beginning of the battle by pressing any button except START. If that happens, you will start with the pokemon you have selected using START, or the first pokemon if you didn't select a pokemon. This can be fixed with a variable and a lot of code, but this will come later. 5. The "Item" mode of the Pause Screen doesn't work for now. Don't bother trying to select it. *TO DO LIST* 1. All viable abilities. 2. Split Trainer animation code to have their own statedef to better code animation transitions. During the process of me making a template, you may wish to think of potential teams of 3 or less pokemon for each trainer to have. These could be anything, from the original standards of having Bird Keepers use only bird-like pokemon, or an Aroma Lady having nothing but Regenerator and Natural Cure pokemon.
  15. I've joined Mugen Free For All. Hello everyone!

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