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  1. Summer non-KOFA works... (Been a while on Multiverse Forums) Same thing as the ReHyped/Megamix characters I've edited (Ryu, Ken, Ryuuken, Akuma, Dan, Iron Man, Dr Manhattan). MVC-ToSix styled gameplay. Original character by Chuchoryu & Chamat : http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/sf4-sagat-conversion-148263.0.html Stance and miscellaneous sprites by Chamat : https://www.deviantart.com/luischamat/ ReHyped edited version with a bunch of new specials and hypers based on : Cerenas's Genichiro Shindou, Mythos/Shiruzato's Gogeta, Gladiacloud's Hashimoto, Ahuron's Ironfist Ryu, OIlusionista's MB02, [email protected]'s Rouga, Big Eli King's Venom, One Winged Angel's Warmachine, MensClub's Zero. Check readme.txt for a full command list. PREVIEW VIDEO : SCREENSHOTS : DOWNLOAD : http://www.duracelleur.com/mugen ++ D.
  2. hello


     can i trust u in making a char :





    make  it because none has released



  3. Thanks Hustler! (I have in mind to update him...)
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the Mike chuchoryu released a while ago. The first beta he made. http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/cvs-mike-release-160188.0.html ++
  5. Update 17.07.25 : New bonus character added : Atesa (By AAZE). Check first post. ++
  6. UPDATE 17.06.21 : Shadow Dio edit. Check first post. ++
  7. Update 17.06.20 : New bonus character added : Dianus (By A-KUE). Check first post. ++
  8. UPDATE 17.06.20 : Broly edit. (been a while...) Check first post. ++
  9. Same thing as the ReHyped/Megamix characters I've edited (Ryu, Ken, Ryuuken, Iron Man, Dr Manhattan). MVC styled gameplay based on my ToSix project. Original character by Crazy For S.F. : https://tinyurl.com/crazyforsf ReHyped edited version with a bunch of new specials and hypers based on : 119Way's Evil Ryu, Bathtub's Freya, HM's Haruka, Kain the supreme,Zanna & Rikard's Kyashan, Akue, Joseph & Zavala's Lodiac, AMZAK's Shameimaru, Siegfried8823's Valmer Rugal, A-Kue & Kill's Zodiac, Akuma's Mr.Ansatsuken. SCREENSHOTS : PREVIEW VIDEO : https://youtu.be/JTVEuyl75QE DOWNLOAD : http://www.duracelleur.com/mugen ++ D.
  10. Thanks gui! UPDATE 17.05.20 : New voice by DukeNukem 2417 (http://mugenguild.com/forum/profile/dukenukem-2417-59448) Thanks to him! Replaced by another hyper. ++
  11. Update 17.05.17 : 1 first bonus character added : Jun Lee. (Based on 119way's ShingoAS, Sprites by Wirlos Dignidad, Voice by Cadiaco82, Big portrait by Orochi Dark Kyo) Check first post. ++
  12. Dr Manhattan updated today. And yeah I'm still not an AI Coder.
  13. MGMX = Megamix. After 2 years of kofa, back to cps3 style. Same thing as the ReHyped/Megamix characters I've edited (Ryu, Ken, Ryuuken, Iron Man). MVC styled gameplay based on my ToSix project. Urien's original character by One Winged Angel : http://randomselect.piiym.net/hosted/urien.htm Carpa5 used the RACE45 patched version : http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/custom-mvc-patch-one-winged-angels-sf3-urien-rce-45-92899.0.html and released the first Dr Manhattan : http://mugenmultiverse.fanbb.net/t8125-iron-fist-wu-ao-shi-dr-manhattan-edits-by-carpa5-released Palettes by Yolomate : http://mugenmultiverse.fanbb.net/t5574-new-yolomate-s-palettes-blind-man-creator Megamix edited version with a bunch of new specials and hypers based on : Arkady's AntMan, 119way & Stephen's Apollo, Crucifix's Aura, BUG¾øÔµ¿á×Ð's Benimaru, Logansam's Captain Atom, Jin's Dark Adel, Wucash's Darkside, Hell's Exile, Kotori's Kyo213, Kotori's MK, ‚Ý‚©‚¦‚é's Orochi K', Acey's Sentry. Voice by DukeNukem 2417 : http://mugenguild.com/forum/profile/dukenukem-2417-59448 SCREENSHOTS : PREVIEW VIDEO : DOWNLOAD : http://www.duracelleur.com/mugen ++ D.
  14. Hi! With most playable characters and stages made and inspired by the gold age of SNK sprite-works from KOF 94 to Neogeo Battle Coliseum. KOFA 3rd version is not just a simple compilation. Almost 2 crazy years of seeking and digging about everything done in kof sprited style in Mugen. 720p screenpack designed by myself (same structure as the MMV one (wide menu and 4/3 fights)). 585 characters (+ hidden -not much kofed- chars) and 250 classified stages. Each character has been worked, edited, improved (with a simplified gameplay, 4 buttons easy combos and specials/hypers frenzy) in order to have the most complete homogeneous game. Every original authors credited. http://kof-anthology.blogspot.com ++ D. Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxemGOaYwSY Screenshots :
  15. Update 17.03.31 : one last update. Coded some hypers to chars that needed one or two. Every chars have dodge forward/backward now. Adjusted life values for everyone (base 1500). Expect the whole full game tomorrow (wait until this april fools day finished) Check first post. ++
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