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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words ^^ Downloading this AI patch made me realize I made two mistakes in the character cause I never fought against her on P2 Side, therefore I have updated her. Sadly this also means the person who made the AI Patch should update the tamaki_common and tamaki_system files to include the fixes, one of them is a minor graphical bug, but the other one was unintended invincibility, I apologize for the inconvenience!
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    Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one!

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      Thank you for the birthday wish :3 Love the catgirl image!

  3. Relatively Minor update with a sound bug, Changelist on the OP.
  4. Hey guys, it's me again, took me forever to come back and make something, but I believe I just made something now that I'm quite happy with. From Aquapazza, Tamaki Kousaka joins MUGEN with 720p sprites and all her grappling tricks, with more things thanks to the AzuFight style that I always use! It's also a prototype to see if people show interest in my gameplay system, which I intend to make a full game out of. Download: Tamaki_JM Changelist: Also sorry guys, no AI again, but I made sure that she's at least fun to play as. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hello, I recently got ahold of this character again for an IKEMEN project, and I forgot how outdated this is, therefore I decided to update her to more current standards of my characters. Reintroducing Onodera Ren, this weird lady from Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter. Truth to be told I knew nothing about her really and I just made her because I thought she was cool. She was made about 8 years ago, when I was starting to grow up of my MUGEN baby phase. Here's a bit of a more detailed description of her features: -All her moves, even ones that were taken off the game. -Dodge, Dash, Backdash, Quick Guard and Dodge get-up adapted from the game. -Details taken from the Crimson Alive game, but with my own touches when it comes to gameplay -All Normal Moves, All Special moves, Two EX Moves (One of which was cut from the game), Various Super moves (One of them suffered a similar fate). -And other things you'll see. -A bunch of palettes thanks to Zemilia... he even made more than 12... so go pick whichever ones you like. Her gameplay consists of some heavy rushdown coupled with extremely punishing juggle combos, almost boss character esque. UPDATE 21/01/2021 Changelist: SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: Click Here! Stay tuned for more!
  6. CLONE KOA version KONGPLETA Welcome everybody, it's been a while since I've made anything, but I think it's time to rectify this: Introducing Clone Koa by jade_midori, one of the few characters from back then that I would say put me in the right direction, I thought I would change one or two or maybe a billion few aspects of her that were bugging me for a long while, so here you go. For those who are not aware, Clone Koa is an experiment from way back in the day on trying to make a Clayfighter 63 1/3 esque character, however I wasn't able to get myself to get super bad on purpose that hard (trust me, you REALLY have to make it super jank in order to be true to that game), eventually the focus really shifted and only kept the sounds Clayfighter, everything else evolved into a mishmash of DKC content and just some wacky silly moves from time to time off of the original Koakuma by SoM, as of recent, she's acquired cues from the King of Fighters series, while still keeping old aspects that were true to the character such as Chain Combos, limited juggling, parrying, fatalities, Normal -> Special -> Super chaining, etc. It sounds super silly, but it's really mellow in the grand scheme of things. Some of the changes (off of the readme): There's quite more and honestly you should find out on your own! Note, these changes have been accumulative and I've been really bad at keeping track, Charge B, F + P for example has projectile invuln for M and H and L has full invuln till the recovery, and QCB P has no projectile invuln of any kind anymore. Some screenshots, though they don't quite match the product, they were kinda hard to get: Note: There's no AI I'm too lasssssssssy, be sure to read the "Provisional Readme" to get the most out of this char. DOWNLOAD: Click here I will still continue to update this in the close vicinity, so input would be appreciated.
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      i will fucking destroy your bloodline, you fucking bitch.




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  9. g Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ahtbd8zw943qrw/Koa_RP+-+V1.rar Designed to go along the game Touhou RP Gensokyo Reloaded which you can check out here: http://mugenguild.com/forum/thrpgr.419
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