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  1. CLONE KOA version KONGPLETA Welcome everybody, it's been a while since I've made anything, but I think it's time to rectify this: Introducing Clone Koa by jade_midori, one of the few characters from back then that I would say put me in the right direction, I thought I would change one or two or maybe a billion few aspects of her that were bugging me for a long while, so here you go. For those who are not aware, Clone Koa is an experiment from way back in the day on trying to make a Clayfighter 63 1/3 esque character, however I wasn't able to get myself
  2.  bruh momento numero 2

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    2. gui0007


      B  R  U  H

    3. raiYT


      b̸̧̢͍͚̟͓̻̥̯̈́̾͑̽͜͝ ̶͖̩͓̻͕̼͖̇̽͋̏́͗͗R̶̛͈̜̥̲̠̆͂͐̌̕ ̴̧̛̛̛͉̺̜̭͉͇̽̾̀̏̒̌͑͝U̶̧̱͕͕̞̻͖̲̱̱̓̄͘ ̴̞̫͛̄͐̅̾̚̚͝͝͝ͅH̷̨̧̤͖͕͍̥̃̾̾͛͐̓͛̑̑̈͘

    4. Nodog


      Bruh! Burh!

  3. damn daniel

    1. jade_midori


      i will fucking destroy your bloodline, you fucking bitch.




    2. TheFclass97
    3. jade_midori
  4. g Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ahtbd8zw943qrw/Koa_RP+-+V1.rar Designed to go along the game Touhou RP Gensokyo Reloaded which you can check out here: http://mugenguild.com/forum/thrpgr.419
  5. Put your hands together

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    2. Solarflared


      it fires in spurts

    3. jenngra505


      It's the Coconutshack.

    4. Big Green

      Big Green

      I'd shower you with coconut cream pies...

  6. Happy very late birthday dood. Well done

  7. I think it's Berlin, but it could be Paris (COUGH)

  8. why is it so hard to be normal these days?

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    2. Niitris


      Cause it's cool to be weird. Doesn't excuse being a numbskull with no social manners tho.

    3. Yamori X

      Yamori X

      It's good to be normal or weird. It's not good to be boring or strange.

    4. Xenocard


      Sometimes being normal is boring. It's pretty good, but being unique has it's benefits.

  9. anyone's skype glitching out and dead? (inb4discord)

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    2. jade_midori


      wtf!! I can't access mine and I tried everythin :c

    3. Zio


      Honestly shit like this is why I use skype less and less.

    4. TMC55


      Mine is working just fine

  10. Is noone going to talk about the seasonal rot classic cartoons also had? Such as Dexter's Lab and the original PPG? I mean it did hit both shows and it clearly shines. Ever noticed how the shows' animation got weirder and the plot and jokes got a lil' blander?
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