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  1. Sorry for the late reply, it's an EL 1333G Model with a "Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit" and "AMD Athlon 2850e processor".
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help me out here with this problem I've been having. Note, I have Mugen 1.1a4 set in 640, 480 with the Doomguy II's converted EVE screenpack.; A few Months ago I downloaded KAINE's Boss stages from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, so after setting it up and booting the game I got this: So when posted this problem on the original thread MFG and one of the members asked me if my rendermode in mugen.cfg were set to OpenGL, but my game was set to the standard System, so when set the render to opengl I got this message popped up when I turned my game on: Dose anyone know what exactly is going on here, I've re-downloaded the stages like five time already and still keep getting the same problem and I don't know what am I doing wrong?
  3. Well I was curious, so... Keith: Scorpions/Tessho Genda/Hokuto/Rei Akumaranger: Cassandra/Banjo Ginga/explosive/Raoh Gouki88: Rock/Keiko Toda/sickle/Ken
  4. Well... shit, thanks for that info anyway.
  5. Hello I'm looking for these creations, any help fulfilling these requests would be much appreciated... Flash Museum Stage by Wolviesam Apocalypse Crypt Stage by Ax Dark-Mukai by ??? (Couldn't find author's name): Video Link (Request Fulfilled) Angel Aceves by Angel Enrique Aceves Menendez: Video Link
  6. Olga's been updated another few days ago.
  7. It was almost three years ago only on Mugen-Infinity Forum.
  8. This character as well as the other shoto's; Angel and Michael were actually all done by AngelM.
  9. Thank you for the stages, Mr. KOtik.
  10. Dose anyone have any of these items that I'm looking for? Characters: Honki Ni Natta Mr. Karate by Neo_Zurz: Original Release Thread Patches: Superman AI-Patch by 5theone Stages: Outer Limits by EXShadow and .eternal: Request Fulfilled by Mr. KOtik. Spacial Collapse by EXShadow: Request Fulfilled by Mr. KOtik. Avenger's HQ by EXShadow: Request Fulfilled by Mr. KOtik.
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