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  1. I'll test to see what works
  2. Its fine, but it is very weird way, i don't really know their movesets, alsao do you know a way how too get most of the touhou characters that are like soku to show their spellcards in a 16:9 or whatever aspect ratio it is?
  3. So i found that Soku Reimu, but only problem is that her spellcards are now imputs, so if anyone has that imput list please lmk!
  4. Sorta confused by the NSS links, what do i do?
  5. So i got some Touhou characters from the lovely Touhou Project, but some of them seem off, Yukari's spell cards just don't seem to wanna show up, even tho in actually matches they can be earned, just can't be used or seen, You can't seem to swap cards with Aya, but pressing pressing Square and triangle on my PS4 controller refreses it and gives me a new entire deck of cards, and Crino has the same issues like Yukari If anyone could tell me whats wrong or direct me too a version of Soku Yukari or know how to fix the issue with SWR Yukari, that'd be great, thansk!~<3
  6. Umm, i can't seem to see Yukari's spell cards, its the SWR version on Gu's mediafire libary
  7. oh yea, and guess i'll im here, i wanted to ask, you wouldn't have a Soku version of Reimu would you?
  8. pog figured it out, Thanks ma'am!
  9. The question is, were do i put that Like like Before you do stages/ or after it?
  10. oh man, if thats all then im really gonna look silly
  11. Well im just trying to get Marisa's Soku verison but the site you get her from is weird, after you download the rar it comes with some other characters, their def files i think, and a whole bunch of other stuff that confuses me, like said prior, i tried to read the Read-Me, but i got nothing, i just wanna know how to install marisa, thats all
  12. Got a question, the Soku version of Marisa is very weird, seems to be in a pack and im not very sure what i should to do since there's alot of things in the folder and the read-me doesn't provide any info
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