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  1. ahh ok.. but what do you mean by not indexed properly? I used Photoshop cs6 to index colors and save as .pcx file... I already done that a couple times now for basic stages but when I tried for animations, a white background always show
  2. what do you mean indexed? you mean the sprite group index?
  3. I use shrek's swamp as bg and I put a dancing shrek as an animation but all I see is the dancing shrek covering the whole bg with white Note: I can't insert pictures don't know why
  4. I already figured it out. The file itself is the problem. I already solved that but now I have another. The animation is working but it has a white bg even though it had its mask = 1. What do I need to do to remove the white bg?
  5. I coded the start with 0,0 because I arrange the sprites in it's sff file, but when I launch my mugen and open that stage, nothing happens, no animation nor the sprite itself is present
  6. men my animation is not showing up on my stage here is what I code: [BG Animation] type = anim actionno = 0 layerno = 0 start = 0,0 delta = 1, 1 [Begin Action 0] 3,0,0,0,4 3,1,0,0,4 3,2,0,0,4 3,3,0,0,4 3,4,0,0,4 3,5,0,0,4 but the animation is not showing up I am sure that I type the correct group and index please help me it would be great
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