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  1. Hey anybody know where i can grab a NON KOF rambo?! the links are no longer working.. or would someone be a champion and email me him? its been a while but im putting together another mugen engine and im feeling in character slots.. and i've seen the rambo has been patched would be nice to have! thanks

  2. yea... mugen archive has gotten or been very fishy.. i was banned for disturbing the community weekend hahah what a joke.. with a post that i posted on how to donate to upgrade my rank so i can work on my mugen around the clock in stead of limited access... they didn't even respond just cut my access and when i voiced my opinion they banned me for 48hrs... i mean i understand being negative is a sickness but i should be able to have an opinion or feel a certain way and not get banished for it or treated like lessor smh... idk man i could understand if i called someone out or attacked someone o
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