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  1. I just realized that Cursed Arm JUS is not here A Google Drive link: Hassan of the Cursed Arm by joan quiñones
  2. New Ushiwakamaru Rider JUS by DryMugen This one is excellent Youtube presentation + download Mediafire Link
  3. JUS Medusa Rider by Protozoark I didn't try it but she seems cool Medusa Google Drive
  4. New Gilgamesh by InSeph : Gilgamesh by InSeph (Google Drive)
  5. Oh and here is a link of the RedBen's version (a little op but very cool to play) Gilgmaesh by RedBen
  6. Thanks ! i hope someone have them. GREAT NEWS
  7. Sadly, i don't think it's a mugen chars but only a sprite fan-art by a guy named "Kami-En", and he's inactive i think his devianart page : https://www.deviantart.com/kami-en
  8. up, i'm with this man (and if someone can give me a link for the Archer by Sho, that would be great)
  9. Hello everyone, do you know if there is or someone is working on a "clean" version of Artoria and Gilgamesh like Nero and Scathach? I don't know if it's me but I have a feeling that both of them don't have a lot of good versions.
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