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  1. Hi to the Mugen Community! I once started getting into it when discovering it in 2008 since I was in love with the character creation of the Soulcalibur IV back then. This got me thinking of making my own Mugen Characters and noticed Fighter Factory and looking at Mugen Channels like MugenLord. I know that I wasn't much around in the Mugen for a long while cause I needed practice on making custom sprites and art. I like drawing characters and also OCs. I hardly taken any art requests cause I been busy focusing on my personal work that may be due to my ideals. And now here I am finally in 2021! I'm worried that I arrived too late cause the community is getting less attraction and more had moved on to much bigger things out there. But I love Mugen! I love Fighting Games! Brings back memories on seeing others created characters based on the original fighting games and also edits too. I also a newb at the Mugen Achieve, and still I am always a quiet user. A lone wolf with less social... Despite all that, I wonder if there are a couple around in the Mugen Community... Anyways, nice to meet you all!
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