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  1. Well, the only attack that Pinky has in Doom is a very strong bite, but I was thinking of adding something to it like in Doom 2016, where it can run at high speed towards you and collide with you, that could be its powerful attack or something, but I don't how to do it because i'm too new to this, still, if you want to do it, do you need the sprites or will you do it on your own?
  2. hi im coach. jk, my name es emgb and i found this website when i was looking for some mugen chars or stages! I don't know what else I can say, I like the doom franchise, far cry, and some other valve games like Half Life 2, L4D (Obviously) and others, although in fact I don't know if that would matter ... Also ... I need help with a char I'm making, it's Pinky from Doom, I thought someone could make it a char, because I already have its sprites and others, I don't know if it's correct to say this in the introduction, if so, I'm sorry, but I wanted to know if
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