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  1. https://i.imgur.com/jlKpa20.png Character: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cy3jy4848l4vxh0/Gombie.zip/file New Clone Chamber Stage: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dsiwpz2q1ybxw8l/clonechamber.zip/file So this was my big 2019 project completely remaking my first and worst character Gombie. I've learned a lot since then and my old version of Gombie just makes me cringe. My main goal with this remake was to just blow the old version out of the water. While my old explanation for how Gombie looked compared to an actual ball goomba/galoomba was the truth, it didn't mean I was happy about it. I tried to remedy that with this version and make him look like the real deal. Okay, so let me go over the main changes from the old 2008 version. Redundant and broken moves are gone. New Heavy Punch (with Super Armor) New Jump Heavy Punch New Jump Light Kick New Sweep Move (Down Heavy Kick) New Reverse Throw Throw Combo Infinite nullified. Gombie has lost his ability to Double Jump Herpes's RailGun charges faster Hardy's Hammer has longer startup I removed the gain power back from all the Supers. Damage penalty for physically attacking the Shock helper increased plus Shocked state effect added to the penalty. Gombie now doesnt lose a bar if his Summon gets canceled before the Summoned character actually appears The Mace Super now has Superpause and also and extra startup frame to give you time to block. Gombie's gameplay has been altered to focus more on keep away than the old version Shocked State compatibility Midnight Bliss Compatibility Stung Compatibility Hell Dunk Compatibility Flattened Compatibility Mascot Compatibility Seppuku Compatibility He has an upgraded ending Winquotes New Intros (Vs Dogs Intro) (Vs Weird Intro) (Feigning Ignorance Intro) Upgraded Intro compatibility list (never be truly complete) Big thanks to yaminogun and djmouf for helping my cross the finish line. Also includes Moves Sheet, Tips Sheet, Remake of the first 3 Gombie comics and TheHistoryofGombiefrom2003 Enjoy. If anyone's willing to make a move showcase youtube video, I'd be really grateful. Scratchy Remake will be my 2020 project.
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