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  1. Ok so im late to this but, whats the file name I need to download?
  2. Hi! Its me again. Does anyone know what to do when stages aren't showing up when I go to select them (they work, they just dont show up as an option) 


  3. Does anyone know how to transform characters? (Making Luffy gear fourth, Goku go super sayain, Naruto going in his nine tails form, etc.) 


  4. Hey! Could someone tell me how to transform characters (im very new to mugen) it would be much appreciated! 

    1. TheRealKakyoin


      For example, Making luffy gear fourth, or Goku go super saiyan, stuff like that.


  5. Listen, I probably sound like such an idiot but, in all the characters im downloading I cant figure out to power charge. They all say "S" is to power charge, but I tried that and it didnt work. I would appreciate any help!


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    2. TheRealKakyoin


      Wait, for me its not working 😕 do I hold the button I assigned (Enter) or tap it?



    3. PlasmoidThunder


      It's hold for most characters. Make sure you don't already have a full powerbar.

    4. TheRealKakyoin


      ok thank you!


  6. Also I cant find a download for Winrar, if its not to troubling can you please provide a link to it?
  7. Ive had so many ad experiences with characters not being a file!
  8. Because thats my main issue with downloading mugen characters
  9. But I do have one last question, does anybody know how to fix the issue where the files show up with internet explorer instead of an actual file?
  10. Oh, sorry to bother you! I think it was a mistake on my end!
  11. I dont know really, some of them bring me to sites that shove ads in my face and there's no actual download.
  12. Well, When I click the links it either brings me to a scam site or wont let me use the link at all.
  13. Hello, sorry to bother you but when I try to download any of these it wont let me. If you have any tips please let m know!
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