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  1. Download is complete, i'm on the app needed to install MUGEN, what do i search on crossover? (Since its needed to download it)
  2. Thanks ryou for the Info! 😄 And thanks to Josh for the link ❤️
  3. My thoughts are that this anime, is VERY well made, besides some plot holes people love JoJo's bizarre adventures. The 1st hero Johnathan Joestar, the Joestar family's nemesis Dio Brando the vampire. These are all very well made characters, along with character development. So anyways i- - K I N G C R I M S O N
  4. Sup everyone! I'm new to mugen, but got introduced just today. I saw this game on YouTube and i immediately wanted to start playing and get caught up with the community. But sadly, hehe~ I don't have MUGEN ;-; I don't know how to download it, and i have a chromebook, which i'm not even sure if it is compatible with it. Can someone send a link on how to download mugen? Please don't rickroll me 😕
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