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  1. Hello guys, When a winner is defined and I press any button the round ends immediately, is there a way to avoid this and see the complete victory pose without being interrupted by the joystick? I tried this but was unsuccessful [State -1, AssertSpecial] type = AssertSpecial Triggerall = MatchOver trigger1 = command = "x" || command = "hold_x" trigger2 = command = "y" || command = "hold_y" trigger3 = command = "a" || command = "hold_a" trigger4 = command = "b" || command = "hold_b" flag = roundnotover persistent = 1 English is not my mother to
  2. If you want some guard mode to implement all your characters U should make sure they share the same common1.cns file (in case state 130 was not in the .CNS ) otherwise it will have compatibility problems, the code must be the same for all the chars and must be in the same location, either CNS, a common file in the character folder or a common file in the System folder (data / data > mugen1) ; STAND GUARD (guarding) [Statedef 130] type = S physics = S [State 130, 1] type = ChangeAnim trigger1 = Anim! = 130; If the character is not in this animation then the anima
  3. Hi, You have several elements that need to be separated and specified in different files, Portraits must go in SFF of your character and is configured in file fight.def in the section [Face] [Face] ; Player 1 p1.pos = 38.38 p1.bg0.spr = 50.0 p1.bg1.anim = 51 p1.face.spr = 8999.0 p1.face.facing = 1 p1.face.offset = 0.0 p1.face.layerno = 0 p1.face.scale = 0.75,0.75 Sprites to life bars and power bars are usually located in the figth.sff file and are set in the [Lifebar] && [Powerbar] sections on the fight.def. file. [Lifeba
  4. Hello, I don't speak English well but I have an idea of what could be wrong with your added character. What you need to do is look for both animations of the character in the Carnage AIR file Once found write on the magnifying glass of your FF3 this line: anim = X X = animation corresponding to the energy bar Paste here the code U found to know if it is a Helper or an Explod. Full code and animations must be added to your Morrigan character. Greetings !
  5. Hi guys, first English is not my mother tongue I hope to make this as clear as possible. I want to add transparency and color effect to sprites that are stored in the FightFx, to do this I use a helper with which I apply an Explod with ownpal = 0. I managed to apply the color change of the palette but for some reason I can't make the effect transparent, and when I say transparent I don't mean loss of opacity otherwise (trans = Add or alpha = 256,256) I can't find a solution in forums of my language all the help that you can contribute to the topic will be appreciated. [State 970
  6. Tres Tristes Triggers Tragaban Trigo en un Triggerall 

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      Spanish is my native language and that tongue twister is very popular.

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      Compañero Noside; me alegra que comprenda bien el Español , asi no habra cabida para malas interpretaciones en lo que le voy a decir ; Es por personas como usted que usuarios no se atreven a preguntar en los foros para aclarar sus dudas y avanzar con sus respectivos proyectos. Porque no quieren ser señalados que estan preguntando algo estupido (Bruh Momento) Asi que le sugiero que si usted no va ser parte de la solucion; no sea parte del problema.


      Moderators of this forum; I am not sure if I committed any infraction by writing in another language. if so, I’ll take full responsibility for my conduct, My best regards! 

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      KHE? :v

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